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Lamico Agriculture Company

Palestinian Medjoul Dates

Palestinian Medjoul Dates, considered as the kind of dates, big fruit size, wrinkled surface and succulent fruit texture. rich of many vitamin and minerals, In addition, long and accumulated history of rich Palestinian farming practice to produce an exquisite product.

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About Us

About Us

Lamico is one of the leading Palestinian companies in the agricultural, commercial and real estate sectors. Lamico was established in 2005 with a modest capital. During the years that followed the establishment of the company, it developed distinctively to be at the forefront of Palestinian multi-investment companies.

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 Lamico works in the agricultural sector in the sense that it owns its farms with an area of ​​more than 300 dunums in Al-Nasaria village in the Palestinian Valley, which are gr with seasonal vegetable crops in addition to citrus and almond trees. 

Lamico has a storage capacity of more than 1000 tons for various agricultural products. 

Based on the company’s experience in the agricultural field, its desire to expand investment, and supporting  Palestinian farmers, Lamico has recently invested in the Palestinian dates sector. Lamico seeks to provide a variety of Palestinian Medjoul dates products, which are exported to more than 20 countries around the world. Throughout various brands. 

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Our Brand

Al-Quds (Jerusalem City) is the most famous name in Palestine for the beloved city of the Palestinians, of an ancient city with a long history, cultural, religious and spiritual background that not only makes it a special city, but also makes it a destination for those seeking peace and beauty. During the long history of the ancient city and the diversity of its visitors and residents, diversity appeared in its cuisine, which undoubtedly united people together for good and peace.

The Al-Quds brand was developed to tie between the Palestinian heritage, history, quality and authenticity of Palestinian traditional products. The highest quality standards and food safety manufacturing bases were relied upon, to provide a special Palestinian product that meets the requirements of global markets. The beautiful Arabic calligraphy was relied upon to express the identity of the brand and its marketing means.

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Contact Us

Contact us today to request a box of Jerusalem dates available in several varieties.

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